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Noon debut @MFR16.

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Noon is the first system in the world that uses technology to help facilitate care to those in need of assistance. Noon seeks the creation off new tools to feel and be felt closer each day; an approach quite different from those offered by mobile communications. Noon realizes this through new forms of contact and closeness. The first product of this system is Noon Talk, a mobile phone controlled by the Care platform.


Manage Talk’s phone-book and settings from your smartphone.


Create and update a to-do list for the day, such as activities or medications to take.


Be notified & monitor if these activities are carried out and if medications are taken.


Know at all times the location of those you follow and the status of their battery.


Call rapidly with Talk 4 people you choose.


Make and receive calls & SMS, just like a normal mobile phone.


Always be localized and get help with the emergency button.


See at all times the important things to do thanks to the always-on epaper display.

Pensàa cun urgolìi a Milan

We are working hard to start the launch of the Noon System. Soon the Care platform and the Talk phone will be available on the market. The path of developing the Noon system is an exciting adventure full of technical challenges, behavioral studies, statistical analysis, and observations of human relationships. To see very step of history in the making don’t forget to follow us on our social pages. You may also send us an email if you want special, specific information. Use the contact form below.

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