We make the phone that helps you to take care of your grandparents 


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Noon Talk

To give to your grandparents

An easy-to-use 3G mobile phone where advanced technology is used to meet your need to assist the person you care the most


Noon Care

For you and for the serenity of your family

Use Noon Care app to manage your grandparents' Noon Talk and assist them from wherever you are.


 Always close
to the people you love

 It is common to think carefully which mobile phone we should choose for our grandparents. There are many products designed for them, today.
Anyway, did we ever find anything suitable also for us?
When we search for the best phone to buy, we realize there are needs that are our own, too. It is our wish to find the best product possible for them, but making at the same time us able to effectively assist them.
That’s why decided not to design just another phone.
We designed a solution.

Step 1

Buy Noon Talk from one of the mobile operator's stores which will sell our unique solution

When will Noon Talk be available?
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Step 2

Download Noon Care's mobile application on your smartphone and connect your profile to your Noon Talk

When will the mobile app be available?

Step 3

Through Noon Care configure your Noon Talk 

What kind of configurations?

Step 4

Give Noon Talk to the person you love

Can you give me some more details about Noon Talk?


Now you have a new ally that will help you to take good care of your loved ones

Always connected to you

Noon Care is always directly connected to your Noon Talk

Choose main contacts

Select up to 3 people which Noon Talk user can call directly with one button

Schedule editor

Create and update a to-do list for the day, such as activities or medications to take

Real-time monitoring

Be notified & monitor if these activities are carried out and if medications are taken

Status check

Know at all times the location of those you follow and the status of their battery

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