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This is Noon Talk

The most advanced Senior Mobile Phone Ever

Noon Talk makes and receives calls and SMS, just like a normal mobile phone. But inside conceals a masterpiece of advanced technology totally managed by our mobile app Noon Care


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Easy to grab
Easy to use

Have you ever tried to pick up an ultra-thin smartphone from a flat surface like a table or a shelf? You will notice that that little effort you do to collect it could be for many people a great effort. For this reason Noon Talk was designed with a curvy body with an extremely sinuous profile. Thanks to its shape, it allows people to easily grab the phone, especially when they you'll be calling them

Epaper display

Showing all the important
things to do

The superiority of a technological device is achieved in a smart choice of its unique components. For Noon Talk we have chosen an epaper display that can be read in any condition, including direct light. It also has a very high contrast for better readability. Last but not least, it always stays active, showing when the keypad is locked all the activities that have to be executed during the day


All the best technology
at your service

Noon Talk features all the technologies that are typically present on your latest smartphones: GPS, Bluetooth, wireless charging, loudspeaker and much more. In addition, thanks to its generous battery and its low power consumption processor, Noon Talk literally lasts for days

Discover Noon Care

A concrete and effective solution for the people you love

Be always close to the people you love by monitoring them on your smartphone with Noon Care




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